Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bacula Windows Client and error 1067

I recently ran into an error starting the bacula-fd service on a windows client: error 1067. I looked it up... several people had this error, but no resolution. I looked at the application log on the windows client, but there was no bacula message.

To figure it out, I started the bacula-fd.exe file by hand from a command prompt. It gave the full error message (I had a minor typo in the bacula-fd.conf file.)
I corrected the typo and was able to successfully start the service.

Coincidentally, a useful one liner for bconsole on Linux:

watch -n 1 --differences "echo status 2 2 | bconsole | \
    grep 'Files=' | sed -e 's/ */ /g' | cut -f 3 -d \" \""

In this case, my storage device is #2. It produces out put like this (every second):
Every 1.0s: echo status 2 2 | bconsole | grep 'Files=' | sed -e 's/ */ /g' | cut -f 3 -d " " Sun May 23 00:45:54 2010


Unfortunately, this won't work on FreeBSD as the watch command from ports has different syntax.