Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Simple Pentaho Setup

I had to set up Pentaho reporting recently. I downloaded the following components (all community edition)

  • Pentaho Administration Console (PAC)
  • Pentaho BI Server
  • Pentaho Reporting (editor)
  • Pentaho Data Integration
In the end, I didn't end up using Data Integration. The work flow was something like:

  1. Set up Pentaho reporting with data connections
  2. Create the report in Pentaho Reporting and publish it to the BI Server
  3. Set up a global schedule using the PAC
  4. Connect to the BI server and schedule the job I created in step 2.
This worked fairly well. I gave the report an email recipient. The only gotchas I ran into were that I didn't realize you need to create a publish password.This is located at: