Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Converting a Cisco 1141N Lightweight Access Point to Autonomous Mode

The biggest challenge in performing this operation is that the config terminal mode is not readily available.

To enable it:

debug capwap console cli

After that, let the ethernet interface (gi0) obtain an address over dhcp

1. archive tar /xtract tftp://myserver/myiosimage.tar flash:

2. After that finishes, wipe the config:

erase startup-config

3. conf t

4. boot system flash:/nameOfYourIOSIMAGE/imagefile

(i.e., boot system flash:/c1140-k9w7-tar.152-4.JB5.tar/c1140-k9w7-tar.152-4.JB5)

5. reload

6. After a successful boot, you can delete the old IOS image with something like:

delete /recursive /force flash:/name_of_old_ios_image