Monday, August 12, 2013

Building Snort RPMs On CentOS 6.x x86_64

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You'll want epel, most likely - to pick up the libdnet dependencies for snort. (sudo rpm -ivh

1. install the prerequisites:

 sudo yum install -y pcre pcre-devel gcc flex byacc bison l libxml2-devel kernel-devel  libdnet libdnet-devel  autoconf automake libpcap-devel rpm-build

2. install the src rpms (do not do this as root)

3. This will create an rpmbuild dir in your home, go ahead and build daq:

rpmbuild -bb ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/daq.spec

4. Install the daq libraries you just built:

  sudo rpm -ivh RPMS/x86_64/daq-*.rpm

5. Now, build snort

rpmbuild -bb ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/snort.spec

6. Remove the daq libraries you installed in step 4:

 sudo rpm -e daq

You should have two libraries in RPMS/x86_64. You'll need to install both for Snort to function.

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