Thursday, March 1, 2018

Openstack Ansible Pike - Cannot Create Image in Horizon

There is a bug with OpenStack Pike deployments using Ansible. When you attempt to create an image in Horizon, you will see the following error:

Followed by this entry in the images list after closing this:

You should still be able to create images via command line, but Horizon won't work. 

There is a bug filed for this:

Their fix is simple: connect to the horizon container from an infrastructure node:

lxc-attach -n `lxc-ls -1 | grep horizon | tail -1`

edit /etc/horizon/
and change:




After that, restart the horizon container

lxc-stop -n `lxc-ls -1 | grep horizon | tail -1`

lxc-start -n `lxc-ls -1 | grep horizon | tail -1`

And simply wait a few minutes. Image creation should work. 

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