Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RHEL/CentOS nmcli Tips

You may need to disable selinux temporarily to make changes to these files (setenforce 0)

(note that many nmcli commands will fail if the underlying device is not active (i.e., disconnected in VMware))

1. List connections

nmcli c show

2. rename an connection id called "outside" - change it to eth0

nmcli c modify outside connection.id eth0

3. change a nic (with a connection name of "ethernet" and a device name of ens32) to static and assign an address, gw, dns, etc. ( is the default gateway. Separate additional addresses with commas, leaving a space before the default gateway.)

nmcli c modify ethernet connection.interface-name ens32 ipv4.method static ipv4.addresses "" ipv4.dns, ipv4.dns-search mydomain.local

4. Bring up your new connection:

nmcli con up ethernet

5. delete a connection called "wired":

nmcli con delete wired

6. create a new connection (called "eth0") using an ethernet device called "ens32":

nmcli con add type ethernet con-name eth0 ifname ens32

7. change the hostname:

nmcli general hostname new_hostname

and restart hostnamed to pick up the change (your shell prompt won't change until you exec a new shell or reboot):

systemctl restart systemd-hostnamed

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